The Crawler's Companion

The Crawler’s Companion is a free, funky dice-rolling, rules-referencing, chart-crushing Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG utility for the web, iOS and Android.
Ennie 2012 Silver


The best method to learn about the Crawler and its features is to view a series of video tutorials that covers all the app's functionality. Crawler Video Tutorials

Features include:

Accessing the Crawler 

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What's New

Version 1.51

Version 1.32

Version 1.22

Version 1.21

Version 1.2

Legacy Versions

For various reasons, the Crawler needs to be built to meet the needs of the app stores... often making it incompatible with some older devices. The Android apk files below can be sideloaded on these older devices so you can enjoy the updated features, or maintain compatibility.

Version 1.51

Version 1.1.6

Beta Testing

As time goes by, we'll continue adding new features to the Crawler. If you'd like to be involved with testing new versions in preparation for going live in the app stores, visit this page: Crawler Beta Testing