The Crawler's Companion

The Crawler’s Companion is a free, funky dice-rolling, rules-referencing, chart-crushing Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG utility for the web that works on desktop and most non-ancient phones and tablets. (With legacy versions hanging on in the iOS and Android app stores).
Ennie 2013 Silver

Features include:

Accessing the Crawler 

The app store version of the Crawler is being replaced by a new HTML version. It's largely feature-complete save that the battle management tools are still in development. Since work is ongoing, be sure to do a refresh, or 'deep refresh' (shift-cmd/ctrl-r) often to get the latest version of the app.

Launch the HTML version of the Crawler

The new version does have much more extensive built in help if you have questions. You can also check out videos discussing the Crawler!

Why an HTML Version?

Increasingly, the iOS and Google Play app stores have grown less friendly to small/free/indy developers, with little support and ever-shifting requirements. Additionally, the tool used to build the legacy version of the Crawler is no longer supported. Since I'm now unable to update the old version, new requirements on the Google Play store means it will be removed at some point, and unfixable bugs will slowly accumulate on all devices as operating systems change. You can always access the Android sideload version listed below, which will remain available until phones no longer run it! But the future of the Crawler's Companion is the HTML version, which incorporates all the functionality of the old version, and more! (And will be far, far easier to update and maintain!)

Legacy Versions

For various reasons, the Crawler needs to be built to meet the needs of the app stores... often making it incompatible with some older devices. These Android apk files represent versions that are no longer maintained, but which can be sideloaded as a 'last chance' if none of the newer versions work on your device.

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