The Crawler's Companion Beta Testing

If you're new to the Crawler, I highly encourage you to visit the tutorials at Crawler Tutorials - so you know how the program should be working. :)

In particular, you should watch the Crawler 1.8 Beta Video, which goes over all the new features of the latest beta.


If you want to participate in the Android beta, you must have a device that supports Android 2.2 or higher, and the ability to sideload apps.

If you have a newer device, download the beta here: Crawler Android Beta APK for Newer Devices

If you have an older device, you can download the beta here: Crawler Android Beta APK for Older Devices

(Some very old devices might no longer work, but give it a shot!)

Windows Desktop

On Windows, you can download the the setup file and give it a go. (You'll need to have Adobe Air installed on your machine to use the installer). You can download the setup file here: Crawler Desktop Beta


If you're interested in testing the iOS version, just contact me with the email you use for your Apple ID, and I'll get you set up to test through Apple Test Flight!

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